My name is Gary Friendshuh and for many years I always started my ranch day very early so that, on any weekday that the temperature got over 85 degrees, my son or sons and I could go to the lake and swim. During the week we often had the public beach all to ourselves and if there were a few people there we could always go to some deserted sand beach. Over the years I have watched as more and more of the land around Angostura Reservoir began to be developed and it sadden me how it was done so when the opportunity presented itself to own several hundred acres on the lake, I took it.

Two of my sons and I bought this beautiful 277 acres on the south shore of Angostura reservoir partly for the family and partly as a long term investment and as a way to help protect the beauty and integrity of the area. The 5 acre and larger parcels and the protective covenants will assure the beauty of the area.

I have worked for my self since I was 22 years old and I am currently enjoying being a cow/calf rancher here in the Black Hills. I am or have been a plumbing contractor, a farmer, a real-estate broker (no longer licensed), an athletic club owner, a guide and outfitter on my own ranch in Colorado, an owner of commercial real-estate, and I have designed and built four homes. I am first and foremost a father of five sons and I have written children’s stories, a book on raising children, and have invented a few board games.

I bought my first piece of property in Alaska at the age of 23 and have bought, sold, and in many cases lived on several parcels, farms and ranches since then.

Originally I or one of my sons were going to be selling these parcels but Daniel is now in Denver working as an electrical engineer and my ranching duties keep me busy and away from the home place. Most of the ranch has limited cell phone reception so we have decided to hire Heartland Reality, (605 745 6772) to handle the sales for us.

I know a lot of you would rather deal directly with the owner but Heartland is an excellent company . After someone from Heartland has shown you the property if you still feel the need to talk to me give me a call. If you call me before 6:45 AM you have a good chance of reaching me but you may still have to talk to the recorder to get through to me, so please do so. My number is 605 833 2000.