South Dakota:

South Dakota has a land area of 77,121 square miles and is 16th in size among the 50 states. It only has a population of 775,933 (2006) or 9.9 people per square mile. It has many attractions, and the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore National monument, along with its superb hunting are a few of the best. But what I believe are it’s best assets are it’s people and the fact that it has no state income tax.

Southern Black Hills:

The Southern Black Hills not only has Wind Cave National Park, Custer State Park and Angostura Reservoir it also boast a milder climate than most of the rest of the Black Hills. (see the data under Hot Springs).

Fall River County:

Fall River County has a land area of 1,740 square miles and a population in 2005, of 7,355 (54% urban, 46% rural). That equals a population density of only 4 people per square mile. There are no zoning regulations in the county, out side of the towns. It is very agriculturally orientated and consists of mostly large cattle ranches.  I like referring to it as part of the American outback.

Hot Springs:

Hot Springs has a population of about 5,000. (4,129 in 2000) It has a hospital, two great grocery stores, an organic food store, a Pamida (kind of like a small Wall-mart), several churches, the Evans Plunge (a great indoor/outdoor hot water swimming pool), several places to dine, several banks, a great new library, and a superb golf course (it was rated one of the best 9 hole courses in the nation and now they have 18 holes). It has many other great qualities to numerous to mention but the best thing it has going for it is its beauty and it’s weather. The average high temperature in the coldest month of the year is 38 degrees. I have been told that you can even grow peach and pear trees here.  For a great deal of additional and valuable information click on the Hot Springs link and City Data link here:
City Data / Hot Springs Chamber

Angostura Reservoir:

Angostura Reservoir is approximately 50 miles south of Rapid City South Dakota and approximately 50 miles north of Chadron Nebraska. I believe it is the largest body of water in South Dakota west of the Missouri river. It is great for fishing, boating and even sailing but the best part is its many sandy beaches with few to no people on them.
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